Abundance and Wealth Crystal Set
Abundance and Wealth Crystal Set
Abundance and Wealth Crystal Set
Abundance and Wealth Crystal Set

Abundance and Wealth Crystal Set

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This crystal set is a powerhouse of abundance. The perfect balance of promoting prosperity, belief in one’s ability and attracting success.

Citrine - Known as the “merchant’s stone.” Promotes prosperity, energy, and wealth. Connects you to your inner will. Manifesting, Joy, Abundance. *Connects to Solar Plexus Chakra.

Green Aventurine - Balancing, calming, and peaceful energy. A potent tailsman of good luck and new prosperous opportunities. Luck, Opportunity, Balance. *Connects to Heart Chakra.

Pyrite - Teaches how to build structure and business. It carves a path for new wealth and prosperity through will and action. Energetic Armour, Attracting Abundance. *Connects to Solar Plexus.

Garnet - An energetic attractor. Perfect for setting an intention for desired outcomes into your life. Pair with money crystals. Attraction, Grounding, Comfort. *Connects to Root Chakra.

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz can be used to magnify specific intentions in your spiritual practice. Enhancing, Magnifying, Versatility. *Connects with all Chakras.

Mattarot's Crystal Sets are curated for specific intentions that you can use for your daily life. Here are some ideas for using your Crystal Set:

If your Set is for Energy, Abundance, or Focus, you can place the crystals on your Work Desk, Office, or Creative Space.

If your Set is for Rest, Love, or Passion, you can place the crystals on your Bedside Table, in your Bedroom, or other place of rest.

You can also dismantle your Crystal Set and use specific crystals from it as part of your daily practice. Pockets, Bags, Purses, anywhere you can fit them!

Check the Crystal Set Reference Card for info on your specific Crystals! ♥

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