Get Sh*t Done Crystal Set
Get Sh*t Done Crystal Set
Get Sh*t Done Crystal Set
Get Sh*t Done Crystal Set

Get Sh*t Done Crystal Set

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Need support for productivity, focus, and mental clarity? This set is perfect for those with big ideas that need to get motivated, focused, and grounded. 

Red Jasper - Excellent grounding crystal. Helps bring your energy down to earth for stability and a sense of calm strength. Strength, Stability, Vitality. *Connects with Root Chakra.

Fluorite - Perfect for focusing intentions and goals. Assists with organization and mental clarity to think clearly and execute plans. Focus, Clarity, Mentality. *Connects with Third Eye Chakra.

Tiger’s Eye - Inner Warrior Energy. A stone of physical action and practicality. Energizes the body to awaken your willpower. Power, Discernment, Practicality. *Connect with Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sodalite - Articulate your wisdom in a thoughtful way. An excellent support for communicating your divine truth. Catalyst, Thought, Expression. *Connects with Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz can be used to magnify specific intentions in your spiritual practice. Enhancing, Magnifying, Versatility. *Connects with all Chakras.

Mattarot's Crystal Sets are curated for specific intentions that you can use for your daily life. Here are some ideas for using your Crystal Set:

If your Set is for Energy, Abundance, or Focus, you can place the crystals on your Work Desk, Office, or Creative Space.

If your Set is for Rest, Love, or Passion, you can place the crystals on your Bedside Table, in your Bedroom, or other place of rest.

You can also dismantle your Crystal Set and use specific crystals from it as part of your daily practice. Pockets, Bags, Purses, anywhere you can fit them!

Check the Crystal Set Reference Card for info on your specific Crystals! ♥ | @Mattarot

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