Imagine a transformative three-month journey where you receive unwavering support to become your most authentic self. Gain clarity, confidence, and empowerment as we focus on four key pillars: Mindset, Embodiment, Relationships, and Purpose. 

Included in this very special offering:

  • Weekly 1:1 Zoom Sessions
  • In-Between Session Support on Voxer (free chat app)
  • Practical strategies to shift you to a positive Mindset once and for all
  • Guided experiences to connect you to total erotic and spiritual Embodiment
  • Support in creating queer community and fostering lasting Relationships
  • Alignment to your life's Purpose so you can live with meaning and empowerment
  • Mattarot’s Guided Meditation Series, plus custom recorded meditations for your journey!
  • Tantric teachings and practices to integrate into your daily and intimate life
  • Assignments relevant to the session to crystallize the transformation
  • Option to meet in person and explore the coaching work together with a VIP weekend!


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