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Queer Men’s Spirit Circle Ticket
Queer Men’s Spirit Circle Ticket
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The Queer Men’s Spirit Circle is a monthly zoom meeting for men who identify as Queer, Gay, Bi, Trans, or other identity associated with LGBTQIA+ to come together and foster community around spirituality and wellness. 

The next circle: January 27th at 7PM EST.

Zoom Link will be emailed the day of the event. 

This monthly meeting is meant to bring queer men together during a time where we cannot be together in person.

Meditation • Discussion • Q+A • Community.

I hope to see you there. ✨

Helping you shine your light.

Virtual Spiritual Services at Your Convenience.

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Testimonials from Clients

Matt was so sweet to work with despite the circumstances that led me to contact him for a booking. He genuinely cares about his clients and radiated love and kindness throughout the entire tarot reading and crystal healing. I would highly reccommend him and plan on booking him again in the future!

CP, New York USA

Matt was absolutely a pleasure to work with! Throughout the session I consistently felt his warmth and this made me feel comfortable to share what was going on in my life. He is definitely someone I would like to be read by again.

PT, Toronto Canada

Matt's passion for crystals is evident in the way he conducts his healing sessions. His work is tangible in the welcoming and relaxing space he provides. Crystals are definitely more than just pretty stones. They are powerful resources offered to us by Mother Nature.

CB, Toronto Canada

Matt is truly one of the most open hearted and raw people I've met. His guidance is informative and clear yet non-imposing. Matt is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, but will always do so from a place of kindness and with arms wide open, ready to hold space for you to feel.

ARC, Montreal Canada

Mattarot was able to pretty quickly zone in on what I am dealing with and he really got it and understood what I was asking and what I need to do moving forward. He is the perfect combination of eastern and western healing with being a therapist and his spiritual/psychic gifts.

JK, Boston USA

Before our last session I was in the throes of trying to purchase a home. My session was at 9:30am. I found the home of my dreams at 12:30pm that day, and had signed the papers and beat out 3 other competing offers by 3:30pm. If you need to energetically get shit done, book a session with Mattarot.

NS, Ontario Canada

My first ever tarot card reading and Matt was truly a gem through it all! Matt’s energy was so warm and welcoming! It felt like catchin' up with a friend who wasn’t afraid of spilling the tea of my life AND I needed it! He offered so much insight and clarity for my current journey! 10/10 highly recommend!

CL, California USA

Matt was very personable and I could tell he was focused on me and cared deeply about what I needed. He walked me through the cards and what each one meant and what was in store for me. Folks, this guy is the real deal and highly recommend him.

WK, Folsom, California, USA

Matt is a very experienced coach who listens and tailors his approach to his clients' personal needs. He has a big toolbox of healing modalities to share. Matt is an empathetic soul who is really connected to himself, to others, and to the Universe. I am very happy to know Matt and look forward to the day we can have more hands-on healing sessions.

SBG, Toronto Canada

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