As a Queer Men’s Life Coach and gay man myself, I work intimately with gay, bi, pan, and trans-masc men to radically transform their lives from the inside out so they can live with pride and power by implementing a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of queer male life.

Reclaiming Queer Manhood.

As a Queer Men’s Life Coach, I specialize in providing holistic wellness, spirituality, and sexual coaching to gay, bi, pansexual, trans-masc, and questioning men. I understand that being a queer man in today's world comes with its own unique challenges and obstacles. My mission is to empower queer men to live their best lives by offering high-impact personalized coaching and on-going support.

My approach to coaching is centred around four pillars: spiritual holistic wellness, sexual wellbeing, building better connections, and embodying our life’s purpose. I believe that these four areas are interconnected and developing deep awareness of them COMPLETELY changes our lives.

In terms of spiritual holistic wellness, I believe that every person has their own unique spiritual path. I work with my clients to help them discover their own spiritual practices and to integrate them into their daily lives in a way that brings them greater peace and fulfillment.

When it comes to sexual wellbeing, I understand that sex is an important part of life for many queer men (as a gay man myself, I completely relate). By cultivating awareness around our desires and physical body, my clients learn to develop healthy, fulfilling and satisfying sex lives.

Helping my clients build better connections can be life changing for them. Healthier relationships with lovers, family, friends, and even co-workers starts by improving communication and removing the fear of using our authentic voice. By embracing vulnerability, we make room for better connections in our lives.

Last, but certainly not least, embodying your life purpose starts with identifying what you truly want out of life. Many of us are working a job we hate, stuck in a headspace that does not serve us, and has left our dreams to the wayside. Our work together will shake you awake to fully achieve your dreams and embody your ideal future.

I offer my work in a range of methodologies, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops. When you work with me, we’ll focus on all aspects of a queer man's life, including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual wellbeing.

Through the high impact coaching process, I’ve helped countless queer men to overcome the challenges and obstacles that are holding them back, and to develop the skills and mindset they need to create the life they want.

If you are a queer man looking to improve your overall wellbeing and live a happier, healthier life, I invite you to contact me.

Get in touch.

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