Peace Crystal Candle
Peace Crystal Candle

Peace Crystal Candle

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This candle was designed to calm the weary and unsure. Excellent for lighting at the end of a stressful day, the energy this candle encourages is calm and soothing.

Essential Oil: NeroliCalms the Spirit, Soothes the Anxious, Gentle and Delicate

Crystal: HowliteEncourages a Gentle Connection to Divinity, Meditative and Calm

Mantra“I welcome harmony and clarity into my mind.  I am calm and pure. I breathe.”

Mattarot's All-Natural Crystal Intention Candles are made with natural Soy Wax and Cotton Wicks for clean burning. Every Candle is poured on the evening of a Full Moon to enhance the energy of the Crystal. They burn for 40 hours. Never burn for more than 4 Hours at a time! Each Candle has an all Natural Essential Oil paired with a Crystal for a focused intention to use in your spiritual practice. These candles are designed to compliment your practice, whatever it may look like. Mattarot believes Spirituality is 100% Individual. Therefore, Candles crafted with specific intentions can be used how you see fit. (Just practice fire safety, of course! ♥) | @Mattarot

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