It's great to see you here.

If you've here, it’s probably because you’re curious about what it’s like to work with me. Let me share a bit about my work to give you a good idea of how we can work together. ♥

As a Queer Men’s Life Coach, I weave all of my skills, experience, wisdom, and techniques I’ve cultivated over the years together to meet my clients where they are at. My goal? To help you achieve total transformation and start living the life you want to live.

Empowering your self, sex, and spirit.

We unpack everything that’s blocking you from the bliss, the happiness, the ecstasy, the FREEDOM you want. Then, we address it head-on by setting achievable goals with in-between session accountability and support.

My approach to working with queer men is inclusive and holistic, meaning we bring all aspects of your experience to the table to make sure we are getting to the root of the issue to ensure your total transformation.

Basically, I’m your personal guide and ally to help you get to where you want to be, implementing exercises, methods and modalities I have mastered through this journey we call life!

You might be wondering...

“Matt, what are you bringing to the table?”

I’m glad you asked! Here’s the breakdown of my experience and expertise:

~ * ~

Masters Degree (MA) in Creative Arts Therapy (7yrs University)

5+ years of experience in different clinical therapeutic milieu

200 HR Meditation Teacher Trained (MTT 200)

Certified Crystal Energy Healer (CCH)

Tarot Card Reader of over 13 years

Over 15 years of Spiritual study, exploration and practice


33 years experience being a queer man (and counting!)

So, the next big question...

How do we work together?

Allow me to show you the possibilities...

1:1 Zoom Coaching Packages

This is coaching that happens online over Zoom with a package of intimate, tailored-for-you sessions that are designed to transform your life by setting and achieving goals to create immediate and lasting change in your life. There are options of 3, 6, and 9 session packages, as well as payment plans to make getting the transformation you want accessible.

All coaching packages include: 

  • Weekly 1:1 Zoom Sessions
  • In-Between Session Support on Voxer (free chat app)
  • Custom programming to address your needs and goals
  • Assignments relevant to the session to crystallize the transformation

Ready to dive in? Schedule your FREE 30 minute consult below:

Awakened Queer Man Program

Imagine being guided through any storm over the course of three months, with constant support through ever unfolding evolution to become your most aligned queer male self.

Picture in your mind receiving strategies to issues that have mired you for too long, techniques to implement into your life daily, and feeling CONFIDENT in who you are as a queer man?

Illumination, clarity, confidence, and COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION.

This is the Awakened Queer Man Program.

An intensive 3-month coaching program focusing on four major pillars of the queer male experience: Mindset, Embodiment, Relationships, and Purpose. Payment plans are available to assist with accessibility to this powerful transformation process.

Included in this very special offering:

  • Weekly 1:1 Zoom Sessions
  • In-Between Session Support on Voter (free chat app)
  • All-Access Pass to Mattarot’s Library of Courses to integrate new practices in your life
  • Mattarot’s Guided Meditation Series, plus custom recorded meditations for your journey!
  • Assignments relevant to the session to crystallize the transformation
  • Option to meet in person and explore the coaching work together with a VIP weekend!

Ready to dive in? Schedule your FREE 30 minute consult below:

Other ways you can work with me include...

  • Free Online Monthly Queer Men's Zoom Meditation Circle (Sign up here!)
  • Explore my all natural handmade essential oil crystal meditation candle collection (Shop here!)
  • Dive deep into your own meditation practice with my audio meditation library (Coming Soon)


It is my mission to empower the queer male sex, spirit, and self.

Are you ready to dive in?